Getting Started


We are editors who have been publishing quality but relatively unknown blog posts on the topics of UX design, UI design and digital marketing for about a year. We do this for two reasons:

  1. a) To help people find solutions to their problems in these areas.
  2. b) To discover more talented writers with good ideas to join our team. 

You can read more about our mission here . Please get in touch if this sounds like something you would be interested in contributing to or if you have any questions. Thanks!


How do I write an article?


We will send you a template post with the topic and our guidelines. Your first task is to fill in the blank spaces with your own words and ideas relevant to the topic. We need well-written articles that are objective and persuasive, but not overly promotional or salesy.


What is your page about? 


Our page is about UX design, UI design, and Digital Marketing . We publish on those topics. We are looking for smart people who can communicate well on these topics. Articles should be clear, coherent, honest and useful .We have a limited number of posts so we are looking for first-class writers rather than just anyone who wants to write for us.


What are the top three keywords we should use in the article?  


Our top three keywords are:


UI design, UX design, digital marketing


What type of articles do you publish?  

Our articles fall into these categories:

– UX design articles 

– UI design articles 

– digital marketing articles 

– general topics about the web in general


Guidelines for Article Submission


We have these guidelines for the articles you submit:

– Articles should be between 1,000 and around 1,500 words.  

– Read the article through and check for spelling and grammar.  

– Use active verbs.   

– Write in an engaging style that hooks your reader.   

– Check to make sure you have a clear introduction and conclusion .     

– Make sure your paragraphs are short with around three lines of text per paragraph .   You should not exceed four lines of text per paragraph.  All other areas of white space should be filled by visual elements (like pictures) or content (that is written in meaningful words). Don’t publish words unless they are essential to the point you are trying to make. 

– Click here for more details on white space and flows.  

– A short ‘about us’ section, including links to your website and social media accounts, is fine so long as there is enough content underneath it.

– We do not publish guest posts in any other language , but we do accept articles in languages other than English (please let us know if you’re writing one and we’ll try to find a translator ).   – We publish articles on the topics of UX design, UI design and digital marketing but not other topics.

– We do not publish posts that are promotional in any way, so avoid things like “buy my new book”, “visit my site” or anything like that. If a post can have the word “free” in it then it should be fine.

– We do not publish posts that contain affiliate links to products or sites of any kind ( even if they are relevant to the article ).  

– If you have previously published on our page, please let us know when you submit your proposal.  Recency matters and we want to see that you’re committed to writing for us again on a regular basis .

– Please check that your content doesn’t break our guidelines and the rules of the individual topics before you publish it.

– You retain all rights to the content you create.

– We reserve the right to edit articles and remove any links to other websites.

– We reserve the right to cut posts short and we may reject any posts that we judge not to be on topic for this page (please let us know if you think your post might not be suitable for this page, as we are interested in a wide range of topics).

– All articles must be original (you can use third party images or templates provided by us from time to time provided they are not used in an inappropriate way, e.g. as affiliate links to another website).

– All articles must be written in English.

– You should not use material from other websites without permission.

– We will not publish posts where the author’s identity is easily identifiable, so please avoid writing your name or photo on the post.  

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Where to send your pitch?

If you are interested, please send an email with your contact information and experience writing on these topics to EMAIL :