When I was a kid, my mom would make me a bunch of ux design quotes from various designers and artists. She would show me her collection of quips and say, “Mom, I think these are really great.” Sometimes, I still think these things are great.

You could be right. I don’t think it’s the best quote for anything.

Well, I have a few good ones, but I love the one right above this one.

I guess thats my favorite quote of all time. I am definitely going to remember this one always. A lot of designers have good quotes about design and art, but this is probably the most original and catchy one I have ever heard.

“The best design is the one that no one notices.

I think that’s probably true about most of the best design, but I also think that sometimes the best design is really the most obvious and unnoticeable.

This was the quote that first got me thinking about my own design and why my work is so good. But then I realized that it also applies to design in general.

I also like this quote because it explains why my stuff is that good.

I think that as designers, we are always chasing the most obvious design. The “cool”, “amazing,” or “eye-popping” designs are usually obvious. The “the most obvious” is rarely the coolest, most eye-popping, or one of the most “cool”.

I think it’s an incredibly important piece of advice in our field. Designers create beautiful, functional objects for users, but not for themselves. We are constantly creating for the users, but not for ourselves. We are creating for the users because they need it, but not for us. We are creating for the users because we love to design and because we want to be around to see it. That is why we are so passionate about what we do.

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