I recently was given the opportunity to interview for the position of program director of the Chicago Urban League’s Young Leaders Grant Program, and I came up with some great questions for the interview. I think I won the Q&A with my questions.

QampA is short for Question and Answer and it’s kind of like the Oscars of programming interviews. You can ask questions about anything, anywhere, and people are willing to answer them. I think that’s the best part of programming interviews. They are easy, they are quick, and they are informative.

I asked the interviewees questions about their backgrounds and what they’ve done in their careers. First up is a director of programming, Jennifer LeBlanc. She’s the person who is in charge of the programming during the Young Leaders Grant Program. She’s also the one who’s in charge of the Chicago Youth Sports Program, the Youth Sports Association. She’s also the person who’s responsible for organizing and managing all the events we do in Chicago for the YLS.

I am always interested in getting the inside scoop on how the people running these programs are making their money, and what the goals are of these programs. I get the impression that they dont just spend it on booze, but on a few other things as well. One of the things they dont seem to do though is a lot of marketing. I always like to know about what people are doing on the weekends, and whats behind the scenes.

I think the most important thing to know is that they spend a lot of money. On average, this year they spent $5.8 million. That’s almost $100,000 per person. They also spent $700,000 on promotions last year. That is $2.6 million per person. They also spent $200,000 to run a free event in Chicago. That is $1.3 million per person.

They are also very secretive about what they do. I think the biggest reason for this is because they want to keep things tight. They also don’t want to get caught up in the public. They also want to keep things behind closed doors. As a result, they tend to keep the amount of money spent down. They also don’t really give too much away for free.

In the end, it’s not the amount of money they spend, it’s what they spend that determines how much they get to keep. In other words, its about the amount of value the people you hire have. If you want to get the most out of your employees, you want them to do more than just talk. You want them to do more than just think.

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