Jason McClain is the co-author of The Self-Awareness Survival Guide, and he’s an ordained minister. He teaches courses on this subject at conferences across the country, and is the creator of The Self-Awareness Survival Guide.

jason mcclain writes a blog called What I Believe, the place where he shares beliefs and opinions with a broad audience. His blog posts focus on spirituality and science as they relate to living a happier, more fulfilling life. He also has a long history of writing for publications, including his own, and was a reporter for The Associated Press from 2004 to 2008.

I’ve been in a lot of circles since I was in high school. I’m not sure if I believe in the “self-awareness” part, yet. If you think I believe in self-awareness, you don’t have to be.

It’s not just about self-awareness though. Having self-awareness is helpful, but it’s not enough. A person without self-awareness is still on autopilot, still operating from outside of his or her brain. Someone with self-awareness is able to remember the things that are important to him or her, but they are able to do the things that are important to them, too.

Many of us have experienced moments in our lives when we realized we had to take some sort of action. In some instances, we acted on our feelings. In some cases we made a decision based on logic (ie. I had to go to the gym, or I have to take a shower).

In other cases, we chose to do what we felt like. When someone tells me they’ve decided to be more responsible, I usually give them a very stern look and say, “NO. Please don’t do that. You’ll regret it.

In our case we did. To be honest, I did not even try to get to the gym. I was very happy that I had some sort of personal time-limit, so we spent a lot of time on the beach, showering, and playing with toys. It was a dream to be a party-lovers’ dream, but I know I would have been just as happy if I had done it.

We chose what we felt like. I think the biggest thing that we did wrong was to pick a time when I would be too busy to workout. This was not intentional on our part. We really just didn’t care to do anything, and I think that we actually ended up accomplishing a lot of the things we set out to accomplish. It was a lot of fun to give ourselves a time limit, and we had a lot of fun playing with our toys.

We’re glad this turned out well, and we’re glad that we were able to make a change with our goal of killing eight Visionaries. We all have to find ways to make those changes to our lives, and these were definitely one of the many, many ways that we were able to make that happen.

Thanks for the review, this was a great way to share what you did that felt like a real good way to end up on death-loop’s website.

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