The two sites I use most often for my research, and, are two very different beasts. Factset is a collection of facts and opinions, while bloomberg is a political blog. So I feel like we would be missing out on a lot if we just looked at one site. Also, the fact that the two sites are based on different philosophies can cause some confusion.

When I first started this research I asked my friends and family to check on a site called They said they wouldn’t be able to help me because of the negative comments. But when they actually checked the other sites they found that there were no positive comments, they were wrong, and they probably couldn’t help themselves.

Factset is another site that makes it easy for people to find out about topics in the news. In fact, Factset’s founder, John Hendershott, likes to say, “When you’re an investigative journalist, you have a specific interest (facts) that you cover, and you don’t have any interest in other people’s opinions.” In other words, you don’t try to find out what other people think, you just try to find out the facts.

I think this is the exact opposite of what Hendershott is talking about though. The reason I don’t like Factset is because they are like a news aggregator that doesn’t necessarily have a bias that I can see. They are very biased towards government policy. I doubt they have any bias against political party or candidate.

The problem with Factset is that not all opinions are equal. Sometimes they tend to like one party, sometimes they like another, and sometimes they like the same party. But in general, they prefer that the government not be too socialist or too capitalist. They prefer that the people not be too powerful. They prefer that the government be stable and not corrupt. In fact, they tend to like the government that is elected.

In fact, I’d say that a lot of factset “readers” are conservatives. This is because they like to think of themselves as the “center”, but they tend to like the government of the day which is the government they think will be the best. If Factset has a bias against the government in power, it’s in favor of the government of the day which is the government they think will be best.

Bloomberg is the poster child for this political bias. He is a conservative and he is a Democrat. The fact that Bloomberg sees the left-wing of the Democratic Party as “the bad guys” is why he favors them over the right wing of the Republican Party. This isn’t to say he’s wrong, but rather that he believes that the left-wing of the Democratic Party is more likely to be the sort of government that he thinks is best.

Bloomberg has since taken out the Visionaries. He says that he’s told the rest of the people in the party that the government is evil. He doesn’t like that idea though so he decides to give them the thumbs up.

The only thing wrong with this is that Bloomberg doesnt have a right or wrong. The right-wing of the Democratic Party is the people who do make decisions that are very, very wrong. The left-wing of the Democratic Party is the people who do make decisions that are very, very good. It seems like they all share a bit of humanity in common.

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