The answer is no. Apple has not confirmed that the apps could be installed.

Apple won’t let you play Android apps on your iPhone or iPod touch. They said that because they don’t want to limit the apps to only their own platform. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use Android apps on your iPhone or iPod touch. Sure you can. Just make sure you use the proper APK’s and not the direct link.

As far as Android apps go, you can still get them on iPhone and iPod touch. But the apps are only compatible with the phones that have been jail broken. Thats why you cant use them on an iPhone 3GS or iPod touch 3G. Thats the only reason for that.

The Android apps for android are also completely unappealing to many people, because they are not compatible with the Android apps you have installed so you can’t use them on them. That’s why you cant even find them on the android app store.

This is the third Android app I’ve personally used. The first one was a calculator app for a little handheld calculator. The second one was a website that sent me an email every time I did a search. It was an iPhone app that sent me updates for my email.

Ive installed the Android apps in the past and it was an easy way to learn how to use them. It’s a much better app than the one I’ve installed that doesn’t give you all of the tools, but it worked for me.

And now, the news about Android apps. The Android Market has been flooded with apps that are only one screen thick, all of which require you to download and install a mobile file. Android apps have become quite the fad.

I can tell you that I have tried several Android Apps and found them to be quite lacking. They are bloated and slow, and there is a whole lot of crap in them. I understand that other programmers are finding it easier to take the best parts of the Android OS or, in some cases, the Android emulator, and use the best parts of the code in the apps themselves. But in my opinion, these apps are over-complicated which may not be a good thing.

I recently tried an Android app called “Engineer” which is an Android app that I downloaded off the Google Play Store. It’s a free app that allows you to make android apps. I found it to be very interesting and found it to be easy to figure out how to do things like use the “edit” button in the settings window to change something in the app.

The only problem I had with the app was that all the features seemed to require the Android SDK. Once you get past the “Android SDK” part of the app, the rest of the app doesn’t seem to work very well. Most of the apps I’ve tried (including the one I downloaded from the Android developer website) work okay except for one, which is a “developer mode” app. This app doesn’t allow you to install anything.

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