I usually interview people for the site and on the blog. This time, I was interviewed by Designer, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine.

I’m not really a fashion designer, but I do love to talk. When I interviewed someone, I had to ask about a lot of things. Sometimes the designer doesn’t like my questions, but I’m always glad I listened. Questions like “Why is the light in the bathroom on?” are usually my favorites, as they typically reveal a hidden design feature in the house.

The designer’s questions were pretty simple, too, so I answered the majority of them. The ones I didn’t answer were the ones that made me think I couldn’t answer them. For instance, I asked about the idea of a guest bathroom like you see in the movie The Guest (and I’ve seen the movie). Since I don’t actually have a guest bathroom, I didn’t think I could answer that one.

I always try to avoid this question because it is asking about something that is not really related to the project I’m working on. I feel like if I was going to give a designer a question that isnt really related to what they do, they would just go ahead and give me the question. But I am not going to give you one.

I see this question as asking how you would design a room that can be transformed into a guest bathroom. I would actually say theres a difference. A guest bathroom is a place where you use your own bathroom, while a room that can be transformed into a guest bathroom is a place where you use the bathroom of someone you are not related to.

Well to give you an example of the difference, I would say if we look at a guest bathroom, I would not want to use any of the mirrors in the room as they would only be used to see the ceiling, and I would only want to use the sink on the opposite side of the room.

To avoid all the mirrors, we would go somewhere else and use the sink.

In the same way that you don’t want to be caught with your pants down in front of the mirror, you don’t want to be caught without a mirror in front of your toilet.

The same principle applies in the way that you would want your toilet to be at the bathroom counter, and you dont want your mirror to be in the bathroom itself. A guest bathroom that shows a mirror is not a good bathroom because it would only be used for bathroom purposes. However, a guest bathroom that shows a mirror would show the bathroom and I would not want that, because I would want to look at myself in the mirror as I was going around the room.

It is the same principle as a mirror on the counter that is hidden away and no one sees because it is not in the bathroom itself, and it shows you what you need to see. However, a mirror in a bathroom would still only be used for bathroom purposes.

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