When we have to tell the truth about a certain thing or situation, we don’t always make it. We may not like it, but we tend to like it when the truth is out.

Apple’s latest news page (h/t to iFunny) has a story titled “Apple M1 News” in which the company’s own Apple M1 news team talks about the upcoming Apple iPhone 3G. They say that the phone will feature a 4″ screen instead of the 3.5″ screen we think of as the new iPhone 3G. They also say that its new M1 processor will be called the “M1s.

Apple is doing a lot of things right here. The M1s is a chip that will apparently be used as a part of the iPhone’s camera, so it will be able to handle video at a much higher frame rate than the competition, and the 4 screen is likely a move to keep Apple’s phone from being too big for a single hand.

What’s really interesting is that apple has now confirmed it will release a new iPhone in Q2 of this year. It’s also possible that the M1s will be the chip that makes up the new phone’s sensor array.

Apple’s iPhone 4 was unveiled in September and it doesn’t look like they’re going to change the name. However, the M1s will be the new camera chip, and the M1s will be a part of the sensors array. I’m guessing the M1s will be the new camera that will be used in the iPhone 4, but it’s still possible that the M1s will also be the new sensor array.

It appears Apple will be using the new camera in its iOS devices. The question remains will the new iPhone be able to take video and photo in the same way as its predecessors. The iPhone 4 is rumored to be able to take video using a new method, the so-called “video capture mode.

Apple has already shown us the new iPhone camera, and it’s not the one you’ll see in the video. It’s a new camera chip used in the iPhone 4. It’ll be the same as the one in the new iPhone and the iPhone 3GS. The M1s will be part of the sensor array, so in theory they’ll be able to take video and photo.

Well that’s a good point. If the new iPhone takes video in a similar way to the iPhone 3GS, then it will make sense to expect the iPhone 4 to also support this new feature. And of course, it’ll also be a very cool camera. It’s possible Apple could be trying to keep the iPhone 4 in the same price range as the iPhone 3GS, so Apple could use its new camera chip to sell the new iPhone at half the price of the iPhone 4.

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